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Aquiles, Inc. has been successfully acting as an agent for our customers for over 25 years by conducting Customs business on their behalf.

Licensed by the Customs Service, U.S. Department of the Treasury, we prepare and file necessary Customs entries, arrange for the payment of duties, take steps to effect the release of the goods in Customs custody, and represent our clients in custody matters. Given our many years of service, we have an excellent understanding of trade procedures and requirements as well as the regulations regarding customs and tariffs. Given the intricacies and dynamics of trading internationally, it is difficult for an importer or exporter to work alone.

Imports & Exports

Aquiles, Inc. works with both importers and exporters. We use our knowledge and our many years of experience to assist our clients in the successful importation and exportation of goods. We aid our clients in abiding by the relevant laws and regulations as well as ensuring that proper quotas and tariff schedules are met. Aquiles, Inc. works with the necessary government agencies on the behalf of our customers to assure the security and timely delivery of imported and exported products. We also ensure the confidentiality of our clients and their items.

In-Bonds Products

Aquiles, Inc. also provides our customers with an In-Bond option. For those customers that need to provisionally admit merchandise to the country without payment of duties and under customs supervision, either for storage purposes, trans-shipment to another point, repacking, or relabeling, In-Bond is an excellent option. Aquiles, Inc. provides our own warehouse for this purpose.

A customer may use In-Bond when they want to import goods and defer the payment of import duties to a later date. This gives the importer the option to be in control of the use of the money until the duty is paid when the goods are withdrawn.

Logistic Services

We aid our clients with advice regarding their options for transportation, the types of carriers that may be used, and the routes that may be taken for shipping. In addition, we provide assistance with exchange rates, appraisals, proper classifications, and duties. We are aware of potential problems that may be involved in the shipping of all items including factors of appraisement and the regulations involved in calculating the duties on imports and exports.

Why Aquiles, Inc.

It is recommended that an importer use a Customs broker to assist in the facilitation of importing and exporting goods. Aquiles, Inc. has an excellent understanding of customs classifications, quotas, tariff schedules, and amendments to relevant laws and regulations. We work with several government agencies to ensure that all standards are met and our clients are served.